Press Team

Press Presidents

Dear faculty advisors, sponsors, delegates, ladies, and gentlemen:
Welcome to the sixteenth version of the Model of United Nations of the Fundación Colegio Bilingüe de Valledupar, BIMUN. It is for all of us a great pleasure having you here, participating in one of the most important events of our school. Our model has always been characterized by its high academic exigency. Therefore, we encourage you to have an excellent performance and behaviour for this purpose.
We, as these year press presidents, hope that you work hard to accomplish your expectations. We are very proud of what this model has become and we desire that you have the capability of excelling and maintaining the high recognition that Bimun has. Once again, welcome to Valledupar and welcome to BIMUN XVI. Thank you for being here, we expect you have a wonderful experience.

Ketty Orozco Serrano
Press President
Isabella Pimienta Altahona
Press President