General Coordinators - BIMUN XVI

General Coordination

Paula Margarita Gnecco López

Dear faculty advisors, sponsors, delegates, ladies, and gentlemen:
It is a glad welcome I bring to you this year, filled with the desires, hopes and dreams all of us share. My name is Paula Margarita Gnecco López, and this year I am having the wonderful opportunity to be your General Coordinator with Maria Isabel Daza Morelli. It is more than a dream come true to be in charge, along with the General Secretaries, press and logistics team, to bring this to life and provide all of you an unforgettable experience in BIMUN XVI.
Throughout my school years assisting to this kind of events, especially BIMUN, has made a great impact in my life and in the person who I have become. I have had the fortune to find and develop my leadership, meet new people and enrich myself academically. I am really proud of all the goals I have planed and also achieved. This year, my purpose for all of you is the same. Besides finding yourself and participating in a high academic environment, I want you to grow and improve all aspects of your personality that will later become the future of our society, able to change the world and also, I want you to enjoy these four days of hard work and knowledge.
Finally, I want to invite you to tell us any suggestion or necessity that you have before or during the model. I also assure you that with the compromise, responsibility and the high academic level that BIMUN is characterized for, you are going to be able to develop your abilities. I hope you come and join the BIMUN family; you will not regret it. Instead, you will want to come back!
Paula Margarita Gnecco López.
General Coordinator

Maria Isabel Daza Morelli

Dear faculty advisors, sponsors, delegates, ladies, and gentlemen:
It is an honor for me, María Isabel Daza Morelli to welcome you to BIMUN XVI. I am glad to be your General Coordinator along with my colleague Paula Margarita Gnecco López.
In this model, each one of you will have the opportunity to learn more about nowadays issues. As young people, we tend to ignore the problematics surrounding our lives, we are used to live with our eyes covered and ignore the real matters in this world. Wipe your eyes, see what life really is, this is your chance to do that, this is your chance to do something, to express yourself and propose solutions for a better world.
I invite you to enjoy this model and take advantage of it. All of the BIMUN Team are glad to have you with us, here “United under the same purpose: peace in progress”. As General Coordinators, Paula and I will give our best to fill up your expectations and work hard for an excellent model based on love, respect, order, and knowledge.
Finally, I thank you for your participation and extend a warm welcome to BIMUN XVI.
María Isabel Daza Morrelli
General Coordinator